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About us

Plan Consultants Co, Ltd. first started as a construction department of Plan Architect Co, Ltd. and has been providing professional construction management consultants for many years. The department also has been directing high quality and well-know governmental and private projects such as PTT Public Company Limited headquarter, Dhipaya Insurance headquarter, Sukhumvit Building of Krungthai Bank Public Co., Ltd. and Suvarnabhumi Hotel. These successes finally and proudly turned the department into Plan Consultants Co, Ltd; an organization under the Plan Group in the year 1990.

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Plan Consultants Co., Ltd. first started in 1980 as construction support department of Plan Architect Co., Ltd., where we provided professional construction management service for many years.  The department gained recognition for successfully directing high quality and well-known government and private sector projects.  These achievements were influential in finally turned the department into Plan Consultants Co., Ltd, under the roof of Plan Group in 1990. 

From 30 employees who worked in the construction management department in Plan Architect Co., now approximately 180 people with the professional background of architects, engineers, technicians and project support officers are working in the team with us.  Some individuals are regarded as high qualified professionals with 20 – 30 years of experience and considered as the senior in their respective fields.  About 40 of them have been working in their fields for over 10 years, including some in the current management level.


Our works

Plan Consultant Co., Ltd possesses expertise in all types of building construction; especially high-rise buildings and large buildings with complicated structural system that require meticulously control and attention to details.  Hundred of buildings of variety scales have been under our supervision and management from blueprint to building opening stage.  Types of buildings, we have worked on in the past were;


·         Office building

·         Residential condominium and apartment

·         Hotel

·         Shopping center

·         Hospital

·         Factory

·         Educational building

·         Institute and special purpose building

·         Residence and shop house

Scope of work

Scope of Work


1.         Project Management

2.         Construction Management

3.         Construction Supervision

4.         Project Planning

5.         Project Coordination

6.         Building Evaluation

7.         Cost Consultant

8.         Inspection and Repair Consultantcy for Defective Construction


Company Policy


The company emphasizes the quality of work in all aspects as our priority



Quality Assurance Policy

                In keeping up with international standard of the industry, we have adopted the quality management system by ISO (ISO9000) which were certified by EAQA (Energy and Environmental Accredited Quality Assessment) as our standard work practice


Project Management Policy

1.       Act honorably and responsibly to uphold the reputation, standing and dignity of the profession

2.       Work under the architectural and engineering principles

3.       Encourage the coordination among project teams.  Prevent prejudice among team members.

4.       Ensure that the professional opinion and judgment is lawful, ethical and justified

5.       The quality of work is regarded as the priority.  Be alert to keep working standard to be highest at anytime. 


Human Resource Policy

1.       Provide appropriate training for professional development of staff

2.       Arrange internal meetings and activities among employees to develop working relations, unity and devotion to company

3.       Provide sufficient facilities for recreational activities

4.       Treat individual fairly and respectfully, and consider each employee as the representative and image of the company


Public and Social Policy

1.       Participate and help with vocational organizations

2.       Encourage employees to take part in social development activity.


Work Hard, Aim High

1.       Be honest to principles and ethical profession of project management service

2.       Highest benefits of the clients and the success of the projects are the most important.  Care deeply  about the assigned task and carry out the work as if our own business 

3.       The success of the project is defined by the satisfactory quality of work along with the construction duration and budget

4.       Believe and commit in good teamwork for highest achievement

5.       Always apply knowledge into solving problem.  Continually aspiring to self-development and the higher level of professionalism


Company’s Working Standard

The company has recruited and assigned highly qualified employees to positions most proper for each of them, and develop standards as benchmarks for investigation and evaluation. Including,


1. Standard Documents

      1.1     Company’s Quality Manual

      1.2     Construction Management Procedure

   1.2.1       Material Origin Recheck

   1.2.2       Project Planning

   1.2.3       Project Supervision

   1.2.4       Investigation and Evaluation

   1.2.5       Investigation and Test Measurement Control

   1.2.6       False Material and Installation Control

   1.2.7       Correction and Prevention

   1.2.8       Customer Claim

   1.2.9       Material Conservation during Construction and Handover

   1.2.10    Quality Record and Control

   1.2.11    Interior Quality Control

   1.2.12    Training

   1.2.13    After Sales Service


     1.3      Work Instruction of Construction Management and Supervision as categorized

    1.3.1       Shop Drawing Qualification and Approval

    1.3.2       Materials Qualification and Approval

    1.3.3       Architecture Qualification

    1.3.4       Structural Qualification, Electricity and Communication System Qualification

    1.3.5       Sanitary System and Fire Hood Cabinet Qualification

    1.3.6       Air-conditioning System and Exhaust Fan Qualification

    1.3.7       Elevator System Qualification

    1.3.8       Samples of work instruction documents


     1.4      Check List, as categorized

    1.4.1       Architecture Check List

    1.4.2       Structural Check List

    1.4.3       Electrical and Communication System Check List

    1.4.4       Sanitary System and Fire Hood Cabinet Check List

    1.4.5       Air-conditioning System and Exhaust Fan Check List

    1.4.6       Elevator System Check List


       1.5      Project Quality Plan, for Quality Control consisting of;

     1.5.1       Basic information and details of projects

     1.5.2       Participating staffs involving in both project and organization, with specified authority and


     1.5.3       Work procedure and co-ordination documents

     1.5.4       Quality Plan

     1.5.5       Work form


2.    Internal Auditing Process

The company has established internal audit team to monitor the construction work and enhance efficiency of working system, quality of work, techniques and construction progress of our projects.

2.1   The team concentrates on the working system and procedures, and working techniques of each

         division as assigned by the project management team.

2.2   The company set up items and categories including evaluation form to be investigated prior to the


2.3  The process is conducted regularly for every 3 months

2.4  The audition is scheduled for an exact date and time with related staff